Here at Wrinkle Free Ironing Services we offer a hassle free ironing service to take the unnecessary stress away from your day to day running of your life. We offer a fully comprehensive service that can be tailor made for you of course depending on your needs. Based at home you will be assured that our pricing is very competitive and we are always checking with our competition to ensure us and of course you are getting provided with the best possible price

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If you would prefer to come to us directly and drop off and collect then you are more than welcome to do so, even if you fancy a cup of tea we will be even sure to accommodate for that. We wish to provide a hassle free service for you and if this option is more convenient then please get in touch.


The only request we have is if you could let us know rough times to ensure that one of our team members is available to greet you and take the items off you that need ironed.

ironing services bangor


We will collect and delivery your ironing from your doorstep to save you any hassle or grief, we will serve most areas close by us such as:






If you live anywhere else please give us a call we will be sure to help in anyway possible. 

ironing services bangor


To ensure that we provide the best possible service and consistency with all our ironing services we will ensure that all the ironing is checked by one individual to make sure the quality is at the highest level.



We are always looking for customer feedback so please feel free to get in touch if we can improve our service in any way.